The Hoffman Law Centers

Here you will learn about some of the legal services that The Hoffman Centers can provide.   If you read the below, and you still have questions - don't hesitate to use the contact buttons throughout the site to ask your questions.   

Areas of legal practice

Municipal Court

As a former municipal public defender and active member of the New Jersey State Bar Association Municipal Court Practice Section, Michael A. Hoffman, Esq. is ready and able to help you with your needs in the Municipal Courts.   From DWI, DUI, Speeding, Shoplifting . . . to Drugs, Petty Disorderly Offenses, a municipal court attorney can potentially help you achieve your desired results.   Click the link below to find out how.

Debt Collection / Creditor's Rights Law

Having handled over 50,000 debt collection cases for creditors and debtors in New Jersey, Michael A. Hoffman, Esq. is particularly skilled and knowledgeable in ethically, humanely and effectively collecting debts within the provided confines of the law.   As an advocate, a pragmatist, and an experienced practitioner, this practice may be able to help you achieve your goals with regard to your debt collection cases.   Click below to find out how.

Property Tax Advocacy

If you are in New Jersey, you are likely paying a significantly larger amount on your residential and/or commercial property taxes than you believe you should.   We can give you a reasonable and legal opinion on whether you might be able to find any way to reduce them.   Click below to learn how.

Intellectual Property

As a licensed and registered Patent Attorney before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Michael A. Hoffman, Esq. has the ability and training to represent you on your intellectual property law needs.   Questions about obtaining or enforcing copyrights, patents, or trademarks?   Issues with trade secrets, non-disclosure agreements, unfair competition law?   If we can't help you, we can direct you to where you can.   To learn more, click below.  

General Legal Practice

Do you need a basic will written?   Representation at closing on a residential or commercial property?   Do you need a deed prepared to transfer property?  Do you need legal advice on an odd question?  Michael A. Hoffman, Esq will sit down with you, discuss your issues, and determine how and whether I can help.   Click below to find out more.  

If you are a human trafficking victim, looking for help, or would like to know more about our services to Human Trafficking Victims - Click on this text.

Services for Colleagues

Are you an attorney who needs help with practice management customization?   Do you need a practical and active ear to help you with where you are going with your practice?   Are you a solo attorney looking at the daunting questions of how to deal with impending or active disability, how to actually and effectively retire or, you wish to have a plan in place to protect your life's work if you become incapacitated or worse?   Please feel free to click below to see some of my thoughts, plans, ideas, and services for attorneys facing these difficult questions.